So, why blog about reverse logistics and augmented reality?

We are on the cusp of an Augmented Reality (AR) revolution – yet most people, mainstream media included, don’t even know what it is.

Similarly, Reverse Logistics is an unknown industry to the general population – even within the technology industry.

The concepts are disparate yet they share similar qualities:

1. They are unfamiliar to all but a few specialists and interested parties

2. They are transformative to their own industies and also to the wider community

3. They are incredibly disruptive to existing players

4. I am passionate about both subjects

One of the things I’ve noticed about augmented reality is that there are few commentators analysing the effect that AR can have on specific industries.  Of course, there is plenty of discussion about how AR can be used in marketing, navigation, and social networking; but those are the obvious applications and don’t recognise that AR needs to be applied to all sorts of industries in order to be truly revolutionary.

I seek to (in a small way) remedy that by analysing the effect augmented reality will have on my industry: reverse logistics (RL) and technology repairs.  The next few years will be an exciting time for Service Plus.

So I intend to write about developments in both concepts, hopefully educate readers a little, then explore the effect specific concepts and developments in AR will have on RL.

I stress that I am not an expert in augmented reality – merely a very fascinated observer of the technology.  I do consider myself to be well versed in the field of reverse logistics as it applies to technology service.

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