I guessed wrong…

Layar is going 3D

Layar is going 3D

Layar and Wikitude have now made their statements and they haven’t released their iPhone apps at all… but their news is even more interesting.

Layar have announced that they are adding 3D to their system as of November.    3D is important to augmented reality as it allows a truly immersive experience.  The examples that they’ve demo’ed on their site aren’t that inspiring, but it will now be up to content providers, developers, and the public to create suitable 3D content.

Wikitude’s news is possibly more important.  They have proposed a new open markup language for augmented reality called ARML (Augmented Reality Markup Language). There’s been a lot of discussion about the need for a standard language in AR.

Establishing an open ARML specification will allow users to access any AR data in the physical world from any AR browser. It will also accelerate innovation and allow for more, better, and less expensive AR apps.

As the technology develops, AR players will need to collaborate in certain areas but will also need to protect the intellectual property that is particularly relevant to them.  Defining that boundary between open and proprietary is going to be one of the biggest challenges for the industry.

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