What will be the AR hardware standard?

GeoVector's World Surfer is a great example of an iPhone AR app

GeoVector's World Surfer is a great example of an iPhone AR app

As an iPhone user, I think it’s great that these augmented reality apps are finally coming out for my addiction, but is the iPhone really the best device currently available for AR?  After all, AR has been available on the Android G1 phone for nearly a year now (see Wikitude).

Certainly the iPhone provides a fantastic user interface (and that is essential for AR).  I also suspect that all the upcoming variants of Android phones are going to be a nightmare for AR developers to maintain compatibility; the last thing anyone wants is a flaky AR experience – and this is going to be a major issue for Google as AR becomes mainstream.

But probably an even bigger reason is that iPhone users are generally happy to pay for applications… and that is critical in the developing field of AR because, currently, no-one appears to be making money in any other way from AR apps (sweeping statement).  That will change as the technology matures, but by then the horse will have bolted.

Obviously, many other AR devices are being developed – and several of those promise to be much better suited to AR – but it will take a long time for them to gain the critical mass needed to attract developers.

So I’m going on record as saying the iPhone will be the springboard platform for augmented reality… feel free to prove me wrong.

    • Ruth Mays
    • September 28th, 2009

    I downloaded this app and love it. The future is here. It uses the compass to let me point my phone to find things.

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