Two new AR iPhone apps

Two new iPhone 3GS augmented reality applications were launched over the weekend.  I think it’s fair to say that the iPhone now has a broader range of AR systems available than the Android platform… a big change from about a month ago when the iPhone had none.

Wikitude has launched the iPhone version of their popular “magic lens” type Android app.  With this system users are able to view tags overlaid on the camera display.  The content is limited to Wikipedia, Qype, and Wikitude.Me (user generated data).  My first impressions are that it is more effective than acrossair’s NearestWiki (mainly becasue the tags are much smaller and therefore don’t crowd the screen), and there are some nice features like the little “radar screen” in the bottom left corner, and the ability to easily adjust the range.  However, there are some flaws like the fact that when multiple tags are in the same area they get in the way of each other and there is no way to get to the ones in the back.  Also, the range always defaults to the maximum every time you open the app… it would be easier to have it “remember” the range set at the last use.

Overall, though, a pretty nice app and one to watch in the future.  Also, Wikitude have released an API to allow third party developers to use their system as a platform… very interesting.

Cyclopedia is very similar to Wikitude in that it presents Wikipedia content in a magic lens display (click the link to see a video demo).

Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get it to work on my iPhone… so I can’t comment on its functionality except to say it seems to have a bug at boot up.  I’m not making too big a deal out of that because I’ve noticed the iPhone OS 3.1 seems to be causing a few issues in AR type apps (GeoVector have just released an update addressing a bug caused by 3.1).  Hopefully, they will sort this out soon and I will be able to use the app properly.

    • Lexor
    • October 6th, 2009

    Really impressed by the Wikitude app…thanks for the tip. It’d be nice to see some more content. Great blog btw…it’s good to see some coverage on an area (RL) that traditionally receives very little coverage.

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