Guess the Apple Tablet [updated]

Is this what the Apple Tablet will look like?

Probably the most hotly anticipated new technology right now is the “Apple Tablet”.  The tech blogs and mainstream media are slathering with excitement about the next Apple game-changer.  Apple in its usual style have remained totally mum about the product so there are some wild ideas about the product and its features.

So I’ve decided to run a bit of a competition.  Who can best guess the features and specifications of the product (if it even exists)?

Use the comments to add your ideas.

What will it look like; what OS will it run; what will be its feature apps; what connectivity will it have; what type of display; what other feature do you think it will have; how will it be used?

And the big one… What will it be called?

The winner will be judged after the official launch (probably 27th January) by me and will get bragging rights for the next week.

[Update]  Check out Walt Mosspuppet’s review of the tablet… classic

  1. I’ll get things started with my picks.

    It will have:
    11″ LED backlit screen HD res
    iPhone based OS (but different)
    Fast bootup time
    WiFi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, GPS, Compass
    iTunes syncing
    Front and rear facing cameras (or a swivel one)
    Multi-touch for more than just zoom
    Solid state drive (160GB)
    Small Bluetooth keyboard option

    I’d like to see:
    3G capability
    OLED screen
    Ability to use stylus for drawing/design
    Camera with zoom and flash
    Voice control
    A smart way to hold the device (seeing Steve Ballmer with the HP tablet at CES indicated to me how clumsy it can be to hold a tablet in one hand)

    What it will be used for:
    Augmented Reality (this could be an awesome AR device)
    Videos and movies on the go
    E-reader (you’ll buy books and magazine subscriptions via iTunes)
    Web browsing
    Video telephony
    High res camera
    Remote control of other Apple devices in the home
    Navigation (it may have a car mount)
    Business people will be able to use it for remote access to their systems

    … and what will it be called? The “iSlate”.

    Go ahead and tell me how wrong I am.

  2. Oh, and Service Plus will handle the service on them!

  3. Im guessing it will be like a giant Iphone that runs on a fully intergrated desktop OS but it will be a smaller version like Snow Leopard Light or Tiger Cub or Domestic House Cat. It will feature everything that Sam has mentioned and will have a Microsoft surface style screen saver. Tilt sensitivity. One TB HDD. and my pick for the name would be the Apple iPad.

    • Heh heh Maybe we should include a competition for the best OS name – how about Persian Kitty?

        • Zak
        • January 26th, 2010

        And instead of Viruses and bugs its gets Fleas and Worms..

      • Zak
      • January 27th, 2010

      My best bet after deeper consideration of features is it will use iPhone 3.2 or something similar os as a next release which will also be released to iPod touch and iPhones at the same time.

    • Lex
    • January 20th, 2010

    Just like a giant iPhone only it will be called the Newton.

      • Lex
      • January 27th, 2010

      Sorry the iNewton

    • Jp
    • January 26th, 2010

    Low cost tablets are about 3-4 years overdue in the market, but being Apple low cost may be arguable.

    I’m picking a slimmed OS X based, probably with an additional input overlay to facilitate touch usage (in addition to pop up onscreen keyboard), solid state – min 64gigs, ~2-4 gig ram, low power processor to suit, bluetooth, wifi, usb (the usual). I don’t think it’s going to have onboard network. Multitouch capable screen. Aluminium body, possibly with a fold over protective cover for the screen when not in use.

    I’m picking primarily web pad based, rather than graphics (not for photoshop) based.

    The only question will be if they can do it at a price that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. If they can do a sub $1k unit I’d buy one today.

    • Zak
    • January 26th, 2010

    [EDIT – removed text]

    ~2-4 gig ram,

    2 – 4 gb of ram is becoming more common these days. sure enough they will start to use these things for photoshop and after effects and the sort. i recon the should put 8 to 16 gb of ram in to to arm it for the future or atleast have the option for that.

      • Zak
      • January 26th, 2010

      and turns out my quote failed.

    • SB
    • January 26th, 2010

    10″ @720p or 12″ at 1080p
    nvidia chipset with intergrated video
    i3 cpu or ULV core2
    upscaled iphone OS (Iphone OS4) rather then a downscaled OSX
    1.8 HDD base or SSD as an expensive option
    Capasitive screen, So no pen sorry sam. Though you can get them i doubt apple will bundle one

    Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support and OSD

    No iAnything prefix (Think macbook not ipod)

    Steve jobs will rise to new levels of smugness

      • Zak
      • January 27th, 2010

      Theoretically… If it uses an iPhone os then it will use the i(insert name here) prefix as it wont be using Mac os, as in Mac(insert name here)

        • SB
        • January 28th, 2010

        iMacs dont use iphone OS 😛

        iPad ftl

    • MR
    • January 27th, 2010

    10″ Touchscreen
    Own Tablet OS and iworks and iLife include from factory (just like iPhone)
    LED backlight LCD
    Video out connection to hook up to TV (HDMI)
    Built in GPS
    SSD Drive
    Name: iPad
    Bluetooth support for keyboard and mouse
    Aluminium casing
    Price… too expensive…. heheh. Around $2000
    10 hour battery life
    multitouch gestures

  4. really awesome gadget. Great innovation. I like it.

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