iPad it is!

Will Apple's new iPad be the new standard in mobile computing?

OK, so Apple have made their announcement and they’ve gone with the name iPad.  Quite a surprise considering my understanding was that the trademark of iPad belonged to another company in the US.

Zak was first to pick the name iPad… but I think MR (Mo) got the specs and the name nearly 100% right… although he got the price wrong.  Well done Mo… your prize is on its way.

About the iPad… I think it could be a major game changer… but I have some concerns.

1.  It doesn’t appear to have cameras.  It seems to me a product like this should be very suitable for high quality photography and video, and also for video calling.  Not much chance of doing that without cameras.

2.  The Apple processor.  Apple hasn’t made/designed its own processors for many years.  If the processor is flaky, the whole concept will collapse.

3.  It might be difficult to hold comfortably and safely.  A 10″ device is not the easiest thing to hold in one hand.  I’ll reserve judgement on this until I’ve actually tried picking one up and using it.

Here’s the official video of the iPad

… and here’s Steve Jobs doing the presentation:

    • Zak
    • January 28th, 2010

    Dang it.. Oh well congratulations Mo. Good work. Think maybe you had inside assistance? lol

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