Zugara ZugSTAR

Zugara have just launched their ZugSTAR technology that looks very exciting.  Mostly concept stuff at this stage, although they have integrated the platform into their Webcam Social Shopper as a proof of concept.

Picture a web based video conferencing system similar to Skype*, but with the added functionality of being able to see one another’s “augmented” experience in real time.  With ZugSTAR, Augmented Reality becomes a technology that facilitates collaboration, and physical distance becomes less of a barrier.

The video above shows the potential of this technology.

So how does it apply to reverse logistics?  Well, off the top of my head I can see several applications, but you can probably think of many more (Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments):

  • Remote training of products that have yet to be released
  • Escalations and technical analysis where issues and resolutions can be developed and demonstrated
  • Packaging and freight spatial calculations
  • Remote diagnosis and support
  • Collaboration and planning
  • Remote sales pitches and presentations
  • Modelling and design of logistics infrastructure and facilities
  • Breakdown and assembly process instructions overlayed on the actual item (“remove this screw”, “apply glue here”)

These are just elements as they relate to one particular vertical market, but I see this concept having much more far reaching implications about the ways we work, learn, meet, and communicate (and play).   As these technologies develop I expect to see wide adoption.  Probably not within the next year, but maybe within 5 to 10.

Products like the iPad (when it gets cameras) and the Google tablet concept will make a perfect match with this sort of product.  Multi-touch, portability, location/attitude sensors, and mobile data are all very relevant.

What do you think?  Can you see a future that incorporates the sort of vision demonstrated in the video above… or do you consider this is a technology without a need?  Feel free to comment.

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