About Reversed Reality

Sam WilliamsHi, I’m Sam Williams.

As a fan of technology, I’ve always been interested in how the virtual world can be incorporated into/onto the physical world and thereby become truly ubiquitous.

Augmented Reality is coming and it will be massively disruptive. It will be at least as revolutionary as social networking, and maybe as revolutionary as the internet itself. I am excited by the opportunities and challenges this technology will present.

In the same way, I am excited by what is going on the the electronic repair and service industry. We are in the midst of our own revolution as the worldwide financial crisis forces all organisations to analyse their operations and seek out ways to improve service and reduce costs. Reverse Logistics is becoming a mature concept and the benefits and challenges are becoming evident to most major players in our industry.

At Service Plus, we use a combination of customer services, technical ability, and technology to provide top quality service to a high volume market. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the service we offer through systems, processes, technology and communication.

So the motivation behind me writing a blog is to explore the concepts of Augmented Reality and Reverse Logistics, particularly as they apply to customer service, business, and technology repairs.  Along the way I’ll probably refer to some of my other passions like my family, muscle cars, politics, and country life.

I hope you find these topics as fascinating as I do.  Please feel free to pass on any relevant information or announcements.



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